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New Client For Bisio

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Bisio Training gains ACP status with BSI

Bisio Training gains ACP status with BSI


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Bisio Partners with ExamWorks-IS

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Bisio/IFIG Partnership

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Bisio Training Ltd is a UKRLP Registered Company

Bisio Training Ltd is a UKRLP Registered Company


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June 2018 *Private Investigators to be regulated*
Home Office release 2016/2017 SIA review: (June 2018)

Following a Review of the Security Industry Authority, the Home Office has announced that there is a case for introducing the regulation of private investigators thereby supporting the Home Secretary’s earlier commitment during the previous coalition Government.

Departments such as the Department for Culture Media and Sport would need to be consulted to identify the best approach to defining what a private investigator is and distinguishing them from those the Government would not wish to regulate.

The Review stated that current provisions in the Private Security Industry Act 2001 may need to be reviewed and that the Home Office may wish to introduce legislation to proceed with regulation.

Alan Camp, Chief Executive of the SIA, said that he ‘…welcomed the publication of this review…and of the regulatory regime for private security…we will work with the Home Office and the Devolved Administration to implement all parts of this Review which the Government wishes us to take forward’.


SIA gives clear indication of Investigator licence training requirements
SIA gives clear indication of Investigator licence training requirements Chief Executive of the Security Industry Authority, Bill Butler has given the clearest indication yet that the Level 3 Award for Professional Investigators will be the qualification required to apply for a licence to carry out Private Investigations when licensing is rolled out. In his report to the SIA board in November 2013, the minutes of which have just been released, Mr Butler says:-

‘Industry representatives are currently reviewing our specification for the Private Investigator qualifications. Because of time pressure we will not be able to redevelop the qualification fully so we are conducting a minor review of the existing qualification, which will then be extended.

The qualifications review process is underway and we have started to form industry expert groups to give technical input’.

Bisio is delighted to have been nominated by Awarding Body IQ to participate in the Expert Working Group on Private Investigations and looks forward to working with the SIA on the qualification.

Managing Director Andy Tish said:-

"We have always maintained that the Level 3 Award would be the qualification required by investigators as it covers all the learning outcomes and assessment criteria necessary to carry out the role. Anything arising from the ‘minor review’ will be added to our E-Learning package at no extra cost."

SIA Board Minutes
Licence-linked Qualifications.
Licence-linked Qualifications. Someone has obviously asked the question and the SIA has confirmed it, the licence-linked qualification doesn’t cover everything.

In its latest update the SIA has confirmed that licence-linked qualifications are not intended to cover everything that an operative might need. In the April 2014 update the SIA said:-

"Licence-linked qualifications are intended for individuals entering the private security industry. Their purpose is to ensure that an individual is capable of performing their duties in a manner that will not cause harm to themselves or any member of the public.

The training courses and qualifications are designed to address the core areas of the role; they are not intended to cover all of the knowledge and skills that an operative could possibly have. Also, the more training we require, the more it will cost to take that training. We must ensure that licence-linked training is set at a reasonable level and does not become so costly that it creates an unfair burden on the private security industry and/or a barrier to individuals wishing to enter the industry.

We work with the private security industry to identify the skills that an individual must have in order to obtain an SIA licence: this does not prevent them from undertaking further training, either in the classroom or on the job, if they wish or if the specific nature of their role requires it."

Bisio Training has long adopted this style of training since it was established over 13 years ago. All our training makes use of nationally approved, tried and trusted techniques, which are adopted by authorities and corporate institutions nationally and internationally. Bisio subscribes to the ‘experiential learning cycle’ feeling that learners benefit more from doing rather than listening. For that reason all our courses are practically based, created in partnership with our customers and delivered to the highest standard.

However, we also believe in the philosophy of blended learning and have adapted over the years to include an E-learning alternative where possible. This has enabled us to reach a far wider audience. Most of our courses are available in either format or as a combination of E-learning and Classroom training.

Bisio Training is the only company offering the entire Level 3 Award for Private Investigators as an E-Learning package

‘This is a knowledge-based qualification with no requirement to demonstrate practical ability so it lends itself to delivery by E-Learning. Investigators wishing to specialise are encouraged to undertake face-to-face training.

Click here for SIA Story
BS 102000 Code of Practice for Investigative services published!

Link to BS 102000

The Home Affairs Select Committee publishes report on Private Investigators.
The Home Affairs Select Committee publishes report on Private Investigators. A report by the Home Affairs select committee has recomended the all person practising as PI's in the UK should be licenced!

The Report, that follows a HASC enquiry, conclude that it is getting easier for anyone to advertise themselves as a private investigator - with modern communications and cheap surveillance devices - and while the industry remains unregulated, a number of serious risks remain.

The committee recomends;

  • That the Government should set up a robust licensing and registration system as soon as possible.
  • That dealings between police and investigators should be recorded.
  • That there should be a one year cooling off period between serving as a police officer and entering the investigation industry
  • The Government should strengthen the penalties for data offences.
  • The Independent Police Complaints Commission should take direct control over investigations in cases alleging police corruption in relation to private investigators.

The Chair of the Committee, said:

"Recent high profile events, such as the phone hacking scandal, have thrown light on the sometimes shady world of private investigators. We have found that rogue private investigators are the brokers in a black market in information. They illegally snoop on our data, cash in on our private lives and only get away with a paltry fine.
The public must be assured that those acting as ‘private investigators’ are subject to stringent checks, act under a code of conduct, and will face tough penalties if they step out of line.
It is also time for the link between private investigators and our police forces to be broken. Officers must be compelled to declare any dealings with private investigators and be subject to a cooling off period before they can move from the police service to the private investigation industry.
It is time this industry was regulated, so that the honest majority can get on with their work. We expect the Government to act urgently."
(Article from HASC web site)

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